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///Submissions must be wholly owned by the submitter. Found or public domain images or footage cannot be submitted under any circumstances. If you do not have complete rights to the submission, please do not submit it. Submissions must NOT contain any copyrighted material including paintings, other copyrighted photos, copyrighted logos, or any other art/advertisements/sculptures/exhibits or audio which are copyrighted. If submitted material contains any of these or other types of copyrighted content, you must either submit releases from the copyright owners or you must mark the images as editorial. 

///Do not embed your own watermark, website name, or copyright notice in your images. We protect your images with our own watermark, which is applied when your image is accepted to our site. 

///Any image of an identifiable person must be accompanied by a model release. Model releases are available on our site and must be submitted digitally; we do not accept faxed, mailed, or any hard copy releases. For submissions containing nude content of artistic value, the model must look at least 25 years of age and the submission must be accompanied by a photo ID of the model. The decision to accept or reject an image containing nudity will be made according to the sole discretion of Recognize Someone. Never submit any explicit material. Submissions must not contain violence, x-rated content, or any illegal content according to US law. 

///Submissions depicting a minor must be accompanied by a model release that was signed by that minor's parent or legal guardian. If you do not have a model release and your image is newsworthy or culturally significant, we will accept the image for editorial use only - meaning that it will not be available for any commercial use. Submissions that are generic family snapshots or other portraits are not newsworthy and will not be accepted as editorial.

///These guidelines may change at any time. Please re-read them each time you consider uploading to Recognize Someone. This page can be found within the Recognize Someone Policies section at

///Due to the large number of submissions we receive, we may not be able to respond to queries about specific rejections. Please bring questions about specific rejections to the critique forum so that the entire Recognize Someone community can help you. Recognize Someone may, but is not obligated to, review and/or reverse its previous accept/reject decision, at its sole discretion.

///We reserve the right to remove any previously accepted submission at any time for any reason from the Recognize Someone archives.



// Do read the explanations of the various categories, guidelines for participating in the forums, and possible reasons for receiving rejections (all listed below).
// Do inspect all images at 100% before uploading them to make sure they are free of noise, imperfections etc.
// Do send full-sized images. Don't upsize or downsize images.
// Take your photo against a uniform background, preferably solid white or black. 
// Take your photo inside, to lower the likelihood of overexposure.
// Remember to wear your shirt provided.
// Remember to hold your “ONE” award while taking the picture.



// Don't send images with date stamps or copyright notices.
// Don't "frame" your work. We don't take any framed images.
// Don't send snapshots. We do not accept photos with heavy shadows from the on-camera flash. Make sure your images have a clear topic and focus.
// Don't send 10 pictures of your family pet.
// Don't send dark or muddy travel pictures.
// Don't send the same image in color, black and white, sepia, and blue tone. Color is enough. Bennett Gallery Inc. and Recognize Someone shall edit the image as required.
// Don't submit photos taken from inside an airplane or moving automobile. Consider your composition carefully.



/ Images must be at least 2.5MP (2.5 Megapixels/2.5 Million Pixels). To calculate the number of pixels in a photo - multiply the width by the height. For example - a photo that's 1700x1300 is 2.21 million pixels. 
/ Images may not be upsized more than 5%.
/ Images should be correctly exposed and in-focus.
/ Images can be submitted in digital form only. If you would like to submit film/negatives, you must scan them into a digital format before you submit them. Modern scanners can scan both negatives and positives at a very low price. Do not send physical negatives or positives to Bennett Gallery Inc. and Recognize Someone. 


/ Footage must be at least 480 pixels in height with an aspect ratio of at least 4:3. We are asking that film clips try and abide by the NTSC standard of 29.97fps (frames per second) with a time limit no longer than 60 seconds. Film clips that are uploaded with the PAL standard of 25fps are also fine.
/ Footage must NOT contain any sound bites not produced by the footage producer without a property release from the audio creator.
/ Footage should be correctly exposed and in-focus. Audio should be seamless.
/ Footage submitted should be digital only and we will try to accommodate any file type, including DV, Windows Media, and QuickTime.
/ For a more detailed policy description, please visit the YouTube policy center.