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While others watched a burning car on the roadside, fearful of a pending explosion, Ronnie Romo, of St. Louis, Missouri, took action and risked his life, saving two lives in the process.

Ronnie was driving on Interstate 44 near Shrewsbury, around 6am, when he saw a car burning on the side of the road. Other drivers were stopping to view the spectacle. 

Inside the car was Trent Pappan and his infant son, who was strapped to his car seat. Trent, affected by low blood sugar, had passed out and lost control of his car. The car hit a rock wall by the interstate and flipped over several times before coming to a stop in the middle of the road. Following the crash, the car caught fire with Trent and his baby boy trapped inside the vehicle.

Others stopped and watched the accident’s aftermath, but Ronnie, concerned that the car might explode, heroically risked his life to save the passengers.

Putting his fears aside, Ronnie reached through the driver’s side window, and told Trent to put his arms around neck. He then pulled Trent out of the car through the window.

Trent then told Ronnie that there was an infant in the car, so Ronnie ran back to the car, freed the baby from his car seat, and pulled him from the car as well.

Ronnie’s concern for a stranger, along with his courageous, decisive actions, undoubtedly saved two lives that day, and helped avert an accident from becoming a true tragedy.