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It takes a special person to go out of their way to make complete strangers’ days a little easier or better, but it takes a truly remarkable person to have the desire to inspire a community to spread kindness to all those around.

Cate Cook started small; leaving change taped to parking meters, flower bouquets in public  spaces, and bubbles on park benches, just things that she felt would improve other people's days. Her actions have inspired those around her, or those impacted by her good deeds to create a “kindness community”. Over 2800 people in the community have anonymously identified as a ‘kindness warrior’, passing on the gestures that Cate started.

Cate celebrated her 62nd birthday last week, she could think of no better way to celebrate than giving back to her community. She went around doing 62 different acts of kindness to improve other people's day. It took just over 7 hours to complete but she says it was well worth it.