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Celebrating a 20th wedding anniversary is a big deal in itself, to be able to look back on 20 years of memories that one another were able to share is truly a special connection that is not just given. It requires hard work and whole lot of love to hold that together. Traditionally, at this momentous point in a relationship a husband may spring for a beautiful set of china for his wife to impress her family and friends on special occasions. For Scott Chafain that just would not do. When he said his vows 20 years ago, he intended to keep them for as long as he live, and that is just what he is doing. In ‘sickness’ and in health he will be there for his wife Cindy.

Cindy, 45, has a polycystic kidney disease that has left her surviving on dialysis. She was diagnosed with the disease when she was just 22 but really started to feel the effects when she was 38, by 40 she was on a transplant list. Scott went right in to see if he was a match. As it turns out he was. Expectedly, Cindy was not ready to make that leap, asking for a donation is no easy task, and when the one you love most is involved it becomes even harder. However, her health declined, dialysis left her in pain and feeling as if she was unable to do her job as a mother. Scott began pushing the issue and doing his part encouraging her to take the next step.  When she was finally ready, Scott was already waiting. Cindy was overcome with emotion by the purest act of love she could have ever imagined. Certainly a hard gift to follow, however, it is one that will be enjoyed by Scott, Cindy and their children for a lifetime to come.