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These days, job interviews are not the easiest thing to come by. They are especially difficult when you've been out of prison for only seven days, but Aaron Tucker came out of jail with a new perspective on life, and he was not going to let his past put limitations on his future.

Three weeks after being sentenced, he received a call that his son was born. “I heard my son crying in the background, and right then and there I was like, 'I'm changing my life’.” When he was released, he knew that if he worked hard things would start working in his favor, and he would be able to provide for his son.

Just a week after his release, Aaron started realizing the benefits of this new outlook on life as he put on a dress shirt he received from a halfway home and got on the bus for a job interview. Somewhere along the route, however, the bus driver came to a sudden stop as a car in front of them hit a tree and flipped. Aaron jolted up and asked the driver if he was going to stop to help the driver. "No, but if you get out I'm going to leave,” the driver replied. Without hesitation, Aaron jumped off the bus and sprinted over to the man, whose car was now lying upside down. When he got there the man had already lost a lot of blood from his head, and his bleeding showed no signs of slowing. Aaron pulled the man from the car, as it was now starting to catch fire, and took off his dress shirt to control the man's bleeding. "You're going to be all right," Aaron kept reminding the man as they lay together in the middle of the street. "Your family wants to see you. Keep your eyes open." He continued to lie next to the man, encouraging him and controlling the bleeding until first responders showed up. When they did arrive, Aaron stayed near, grasping the man's arm as they gave him oxygen. “I just wanted to make sure he was alright, and that's what I did,” Aaron said.

Unfortunately, Aaron missed his job interview, but, in his mind, he knew that jobs come and go, but “a life is one time thing." In the end, however, he was rewarded for doing the right thing, as the local community noticed his heroic actions and set up a gofundme page for Aaron and his son. A local businessman gave him a tailored suit to wear to future job interview, and Aaron has since received lots of job offers.

When Aaron was in jail he knew he was going to be the best role model he could be for his son when his sentence was done. He started by getting his GED and becoming a tutor for other inmates while serving, and certainly continued to be a role model by putting his life on hold to help save a stranger's life. We recognize you, Aaron, for your selfless act.