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Deming Animal Guardians (DAGs) has been addressing the needs of unwanted or abused pets, as well as the care and well being of pets in low-income households, for the past 25 years. Their impact has been felt throughout Luna County, New Mexico, and has even inspired others to chip in. However, one individual, Mike Reitz, has done far more than just chip in.

Mike and his wife Lisa both have a passion for animals, and always want to do more for them. They have been working with animals for some time at their Sunshine Grooming business, but have since expanded their efforts to helping animals in need. They want to give every animal born in their area a fighting chance. To do this, they have began developing their property into a facility to house and rehome unwanted, abused and abandoned pets. Mike has worked endlessly setting up the no-kill shelter and taking in animals all over Deming and Luna Counties. Mike and Lisa have placed over 1,000 pets into loving and caring homes, and the number is still growing. Mike has not stopped driving this forward, as he continues to build more shelters and make room for more animals needing help.

The community has noticed Mike’s efforts, and supports him however they can. Mike says, “There are just too many people to mention, but we greatly appreciate the support. We have no running costs and it’s been strictly volunteer.” Mike knows how important any and all support and donations are. To ensure they are getting the most out of the contributions of others, he oversees and provides the energy for all advancements. Along with finding new homes for animals in need, the Reitz’s work closely with DAGs to offer support to low-income families, so that they help create a better life for the animals that are already part of a loving household. Together they have distributed over 14,000 lbs of emergency food to animal owners in need, and this has only been possible through the donations they have received.

Mike, we recognize your endless compassion and hard work towards providing better lives for the animals of your community, as well as inspiring others to give back and donate the way they have!