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This month started with a tragic story coming out of Canada, when the Humboldt Junior Hockey team bus was involved in an accident that killed 15 of the passengers and left dozens others injured. One of those injured players was Logan Boulet, he was a defensemen from Lethenridge but will certainly be remembered as much more, he will be remembered as a hero.

Immediately following the crash Logan was rushed to the hospital and placed on life support. While there the hospital was quickly at work trying to find positive matches for his organs. In a statement released by his family, they stated that Logan made it a point to sign his donor card as soon as he turned 21. Logan’s selflessness payed off as the hospital was able to find 6 positive matches for his organs overnight. In the ultimate act of heroism Logan’s life was lost but at least six others were saved and as his dad said even in his passing, “he will be a selfless hero.” Not only did Logan directly save the lives of 6 individuals, he inspired a community to save the lives of countless others. In an average week about 425 people sign up to be organ donors in Alberta, the weekend following Logans heroic act..over 3,000. His actions have sent a ripple effect that will continue to touch and save the lives of others.

An event as severe as this is truly a nightmare and something that will not be moved on from quickly. One thing that is for sure is, that Logan will forever be remembered and recognized as a hero.