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In today's day and age the media has made it seem so easy for a man to be killed by a police officer. So easy and efficient in fact, that one may use it as a means of suicide when unable to pull the trigger themself. However, when Lt. Dan Selkman is on the call, the outcome is quite the contrary.

Coy Williams of Wilmington, Delaware had lived a long, hard life. Starting at a young age, it was hard for Williams to connect with people, to find closeness. He lived the greater part of his 62 years feeling alone, protected by the wall he had built up around him. Until one day he felt he could no longer go on. The life was not worth living anymore. He went to a gun shop and picked up a .22-caliber hand gun, thinking this would be the last purchase he would ever make.

As he sat on the couch with the gun in his clinch, holding it up, he was unable to pull the trigger, something inside him just could not go through with it, but his feelings were still there. So he instead picked up the phone and called who he thought would be able to go through with it, the police, informing them he was armed and dangerous  Lt. Selkman took the call, and instead of arriving with guns loaded, he came with a gentle tone, doing all he could to convince Williams of all he had to live for. To Williams disappointment, Selkman was not the same man he was perceived to be in the media, Williams turned his back and fired a shot into his own stomach.

He woke later in the hospital with thoughts at first of failure, for he was unable to be successful in his suicide attempt, and then replaced with thoughts of wonder, on how he could do this to himself. He was unable to think straight because he had so many thoughts. But what was special was who was there by his side, Lt. Selkman. He gave Williams his word that he would help him get through this, with no time frame in mind. A failed suicide would not get in his way helping Coy get back on his feet and moving in the right direction. Lt. Selkman has continued to do just that for months now, and their relationship has grown into a true friendship. Coy is a regular at family dinners with the Selkman family. Coy also now has someone he is comfortable opening up to and sharing meaningful conversation with.

With all the negative preconceived ideas of who a police officer is, it is a breath of fresh air to see the positive light Lt. Dan Selkman has brought to the media. It is important to recognize people flipping the script and encourage others to share stories like this.