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It is important to remember that it does not take a grand or laborious act to touch someone's life, make a difference, and be recognized. However, often it is the little things that people shy away from. They are not always planned or convenient and requires one to divert from the path or schedule they have for the day. They also don’t always get the attention that more extravagant gestures do although they can be just as important and impactful. Stephanie Uhlenberg however, did not let these things get in her way from touching the life of someone in need.

Amongst the havoc of a mall on Black Friday, Stephanie saw a stranger, Angel Mott, sitting on the shelves of a store crying, sobbing in fact. Rather than walking past in wonder or conjuring up possible explanations for Angel actions, Stephanie stopped, sat down next to Angel and embraced her. Angel had just received the news that her mother, only 57 years of age, had passed away. Perhaps the saddest, most difficult time in one's life would have had to be experienced alone had it not been for Stephanie. “I didn't want to be alone at that time, and I wasn’t “ Mott said. She was comforted by the warm embrace of a stranger that stopped to help one in need. Stephanie did not stop to get her name in the paper or because it was convenient, she merely did what she would hope someone would do for her or her daughter in a time of need. We recognize you Stephanie Uhlenberg for recognizing one in need and living in the moment.