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The Recognize Someone award is a simple totem of our gratitude, given on a monthly basis in honor of an amazing story or act of a single person or organization. While extremely difficult and often times subjective, each month we choose the most impactful or selfless story amongst hundreds to represent this months "Spotlight Story." They will be handed this simple totem as a thank you from us. A thank you for being an amazing person. A thank you for making this world better and inspiring others to do the same. We wish we could do more, and with the support of our followers, one day we will. 

The Recognize Someone award is machined from a piece of recycled aluminum in the spirit of the organizations logo. The front face of the award is high polished to a mirror-like finish so when the recipient holds the award, they see his/her reflection though the words "Someone." It sits atop a solid block of FSC certified California Black Walnut with the name of the recipient as well as the month assigned.